PIER Diploma

The Diploma of International Education Services

The Diploma of International Education Services program is the result of a partnership between Professional international Education Resources (PIER) and The Australian College of Technology and Business (ACTB). The online program has been established and offered by PIER since 2005.  ACTB’s program uses PIER’s material and experience as its starting point for an innovative and challenging educational experience. The program represents an exciting new phase in professional development for the international education community, and increases the capacity to respond to diverse student needs combining on-line training, blended workshop delivery, flexible starting dates and self-paced learning.

Course Overview

The TAE50310 Diploma of International Education Services is designed to lead students through the diverse and complex world of working in international education. It offers practitioners, and those wishing to enter the field, opportunities to develop a range of competencies to increase work effectiveness in culturally diverse settings, including communication and management skills across a number of areas.

The Diploma addresses the professional needs of people working in a range of roles, including:

  • Administration;
  • International student recruitment and admissions;
  • International student services and support; and
  • Management in areas such as transnational education, compliance, and policy development.

The Diploma has been developed in consultation with professionals and organisations in the international education industry. The course is accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Course Objectives

The course aims to reflect and enhance the workplace experience of students in the course. Learning and assessment tasks are based on workplace situations, and explore a number of responsibilities in both management and operational roles.

The Diploma aims to enable students to:

  • Develop their skills and knowledge in their current roles;
  • access a wide range of work-related experiences in an educational context;
  • Develop networks and productive links with other professionals and international education organisations;
  • Use work-based practice examples for competency development;
  • Improve their understanding of the international education environment;
  • Increase familiarity with a range of key resources and current information;
  • Increase their capacity for professional mobility; and
  • Develop confidence in using an online learning environment.

The Australian College of Technology & Business

To enrol in the Diploma program with the Australian College of Technology and Business and to receive further information click here http://www.actb.com.au/page.php?id=163

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Pictured above: Sangeeta Mahajan, CEO Australian College of Technology & Business with Chris Evason, IES Managing Director