About PIER

Professional International Education Resources – PIER – provides people working in international education with suite of web-based courses, products and professional tools. While based in Australia, PIER views international education through a global lens: we see our role as fostering excellence in international education worldwide.

PIER Applications range from providing the infrastructure to offer specialised online courses, to the provision in-depth information that would best assist prospective students interested in studying abroad. In 2012, PierSim, a virtual 3-D learning environment will be provided more widely following its successful implementation in Brisbane, Australia.

PIER also connects to a growing, centralised network of education professionals and partners to help keep institutions, education agencies and affiliates connected and informed through regular news bulletins and workshops.

PIER offers practitioners in international education an opportunity to improve their professional competence through qualifications, such as the Education Agent Training Course (EATC), or the PIER Induction Courses. Students interested in developing their leadership potential may undertake the International Student Leadership Program (ISLP). PIER Courses are provided at no cost.

It’s our hope that practitioners at all levels of an organisation and across all educational sectors will find PIER courses and resource materials valuable in their daily work.

We encourage you to contact us for further information and regular updates or follow us on Google+, Facebook and or Twitter.

Chris Evason, Director


The PIER Team includes education professionals and software developers working together to provide you with the tools to make a difference in international education.

Our Team includes:

  • Chris Evason


    Chris established PIER in 2004, with the aim of providing professional development to the global international education community. He is particularly interested in the development of a professional community dedicated to excellence within international education.

  • Luke Latimer

    Web Developer

    Luke comes to PIER with over 10 years experience in the Information Technology area. He loves the challenge of working with the lastest web tchnology.

  • Jenny Goodchild

    Web Developer

    Jenny joined PIER in 2012 as a Web Developer. She brings 15 years of IT Systems and Web Applications Development to her role. Jenny enjoys PIER for its progressive ideas regarding the use of technology within international education.

  • Arun Kumar

    Junior Web Developer

    Arun joined IES in 2013 as the Junior Web Developer. His experience in web development and application development makes him a perfect fit for his role in PIER. After completing his Bachelor of Information Technology, Arun began an internship, which exposed him to more technical and real world IT experience. He says he is excited to work at IES and looks forward to using his skills and gaining more experience.

  • Christine Chien

    Market Development Manager

    Christine joined PIER in 2012 and brings five years experience to her role, specialising in marketing for software and information technology. As a fan of all things digital, Christine is particularly enthusiastic about PIER’s technologically innovative approach to international education.

  • Anton Crace

    Communications Officer

    Anton is a skilled writer, having worked for several online and print media organisations. He enjoys his role after working as a journalist for several years.

    As the Communications Officer, Anton continues to work over several mediums, including online, print and video. He enjoys the wide variety of work at PIER and enjoys expanding upon his knowledge.

  • David Craven

    Head PierSim Academic Programs

    Da David has been teaching business for more than ten years. He has an extensive business consultancy background of over twenty years that brings real world experience to the subject. David has developed a virtual learning environment for the development of business and management skills. This cutting-edge simulation, called “PierSim”, is an educational learning tool that provides learners with access to a virtual trading environment that realistically simulates the business world.

  • Adam Farrugia

    IT Manager

    Adam's qualifications include a Masters Degree in IT, Microsoft-Certified Systems Engineer, ITIL and Cisco Certifications. He also has studied languages at University (Japanese, French, Italian and Linguistics) and studied at Hiroshima University, Japan (HUSA Program) on a scholarship for one year.

  • Ruben Roszkowski

    Game Programmer

    Ruben has professional experience and knowledge related to a wide range of locally and internationally produced video games. He worked at two game development studios in Brisbane, and has contributed to the multimillion-selling Fruit Ninja series. Presently, Ruben is completing a Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) thesis on interactive entertainment for people with visual impairments.

  • Denise Black

    EATC Administrator

    Denise joined the PIER team in December 2007. In her current role as EATC Administrator, Denise provides support for the EATC program and is generally responsible for the EATC administrative functions.

  • Paula Dunstan

    PIER Academic Development

    Paula leads the development and delivery of the PIER's online courses in international education in Australia. She has a background in education, and has experience in teaching, research, curriculum development, international student program management, educational administration, staff training and coordinating staff teams.

  • James O’Connorhorrill

    Language Specialist for online learning

    James joined IES in 2013 as the Language Specialist for Online Learning. He brings many years experience teaching English in Australia and around the world to his role. James has a particular interest in developing students' writing process, critical thinking and study skills, and knowledge of contemporary Australian and global issues, with a focus on the role of consumerism and the environment. He is currently developing methods to enhance online learning experiences. James's interests include farming (he has an olive grove) and sailing the Queensland coast.